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Joomla blog posts from around the web (45/11)

Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 45: • A Closer Look at LOGman• Framework, Security and Unified Extension Updates• Premium stock photo resources for your Joomla website (Part 2)

Knowing what’s happening on your site and what other people are doing is an essential part of web administration and the social web. Whether you’re alone or working with a team of web administrators, writers and editors, having the ability to record and view their activities in your site or across sites is very useful.

Activity Streams
Joomlatools is bringing Activity Streams to your Joomla sites through LOGman. If you use Facebook, you should have a general idea of what Activity Streams are. Knowing what you and others have done is very helpful.
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Written by  Anthony Olsen
I've just released a raft of updates for our template Framework and some of our popular Joomla Extensions. Please note that information related to potential security vulnerabilities on some of our extensions is below.
An update to the Zen Grid Framework
The framework release fixes a number of issues that have popped up since the release of our Responsive Joomla template a few weeks ago. You can read the full run down of the changes in the Zen Grid Framework 2 changelog.
JCE JB Type Plugin available for JCE v2
Last night I also released the JCE JB Type plugin v2.0 (compatible with JCE v2.x)  that puts the ease of our typography plugin right inside the JCE Joomla content editor. I want to send a very special thanks to Ryan Demmer for putting this JCE plugin together for us.
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Written by Tuan
If you had a look on the first part of the premium stock photo series, Getting high-quality images from top five premium stock photo agencies, you must get an overview of premium stock photos. Now, in this part two, I will share my experience of buying professional photos with you guys.
Part 2: Personal noted experience on buying stock photos
You might get confused about the process of purchasing photos if you haven’t done it before. No worries, because all frequent questions are answered below:  

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