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How to Locate Reliable CMMS Companies

Your plant has been running under par for productivity and you know it has to do with your machines. You also suspect it may have something to do with your payroll costs. However, even if you know these assets are potentially cutting into your bottom line, you have no way of tracking them in real time to be sure. You decide to pursue a CMMS for your business, but how do you locate reliable CMMS Companies that provide the product you require?

What You Need from Them
When researching potential CMMS Companies, be sure that you consider the following:
Do they offer a virtual tour of their programs?
Can their CMMS be customized to your business' needs?
Do they offer online products and customer service? Does the customer service include ongoing education about upgrades to their products?
Can you read online testimonials of clients that have had a successful track record with their products and customer service?
Is the price within your company's budget?
What They'll Need From You
When a business functions as a support team for another company, there is a need to be aware of several details about their clients business at all times:
What are the details of your business? Name, address, type, location, future plans.
What model, make and type of equipment is being managed?
When was the equipment purchased by your? Was it purchased through the consulting or repair service or was it purchased by your directly?
What is the current status of the equipment itself? Is it functioning properly? Are there any disturbances in the way that it is working?
What is the depreciation value (if applicable) of each piece of equipment being monitored?
What purpose does each piece of equipment serve? In other words, what is the work volume that each piece of equipment endures during business hours? With this information, whomever you choose from your list of reliable CMMS Companies can set your CMMS System to your plant's requirements to improve your bottom line.


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