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Is a Free CMMS Really Worth It

A business facility is considered incomplete without a coordinating system, better known as a CMMS. When we are talking about a company that has equipment to run daily activities, EAM software is the rule, not the exception. But most of the time, acquiring a CMMS program is an expensive venture. The price ascends depending on the level of sophistication. While a basic package might go for as little as $800, the figure can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars. This begs the question- can you look into free CMMS as a solution?

There are software companies that offer CMMS systems free of charge. Usually, the host is online, since part of making the package free is taking away the responsibility of creating your own host. You get some control over the CMMS tools, which you're able to adjust and customize according to your specific needs. A free package means you don't have to part with a single dime. For a product that can cost thousands to purchase, you get it for free. This can be one of two things- a blessing in disguise, or a deal too good to be true. Unfortunately it's usually the latter, which means the bad that comes along with it far surpasses the good.

For any self-sustaining enterprise which generates an insurmountable profit, relying on anything free is what you would consider business suicide. For starters, it can't accommodate the amount of responsibility you would expect of it. The basic work orders- like organizing schedules and assigning of personnel would be hard to carry out. That is to add to the deficiency of features that it would provide, and as you would imagine, a big company with thousands of pieces of equipment, however minor, cannot rely on a CMMS package that is only basic.

Because a free CMMS is usually hosted online, that would mean relying on the internet wholly. If many users log in to the program from different access points, that could result in reduced speeds due to 'heavy traffic'. Downtimes would be nightmares as that would mean a temporary paralysis of every operation. In other words, it's a risk not worth taking.

On the other hand, a CMMS system that you have to pay for does not disappoint. Granted there are some deciding factors, like the kind of program and the features it has to offer, but generally, it's a million times better than a free one. You get continuous support from the vendor you purchase it from, lessons on how to use it, and technical help to correct any hitches. Adding in the user friendliness of the system you get, together with the total number of CMMS tools you get, you have no room for disappointment. Best of all, the CMMS could be open to upgrading, meaning you don't necessarily have to replace it in the future. A free CMMS is sometimes considered to be good- but in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

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