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Maintenance Management- Keep Your Organization Healthy with a CMMS Solution

When considering the deployment of a maintenance management system (CMMS), certain key aspects must be kept in mind.It is essential to realize that implementing a CMMS is an enterprise level deployment and should not be considered simply as a software package for the maintenance department.Therefore, it is critical to consider how key functions within a maintenance system will impact and affect other departments and functions throughout the enterprise.And the selection of software and deployment models are matched to the organizational functional and hierarchal structure in order to ensure the objectives of the company overall are met.

CMMS helps address the full spectrum of manufacturing maintenance challenges with powerful capabilities that include comprehensive asset tracking, cost reporting, maintenance scheduling, and the tracking of maintenance-related materials. Minimally, aCMMSwill facilitate and automate the management of an organization's EAM processes via continuous inspection, inventory management, work and PM planning, labor scheduling, and reporting/analysis.

CurrentMaintenance Management Softwareand solutions provide features like visibility into upcoming work schedules and capacity requirements and many others that allow your organization to track not only a vast array of assets, in addition to traditional equipment, but also contribute to lean operations initiatives, and meet safety and other regulatory compliance obligations.And, this all occurs using an easy to use, web-enabled, secure, application platform.

Enterprise asset management(EAM) and integrated materials tracking software helps companies and organizations manage strategic assets and operations efficiently.These software applications are designed with an advanced architecture that assists the users and customers with the flexibility and elasticity to accommodate almost any work process needs. Furthermore, enterprise CMMS and EAM software incorporate technology that can be used by analysts, managers, shop floor and even stockroom operators to perform their daily tasks.

With a number of vendors in the market, you need to be sure that the CMMS vendor you select can deliver what you want. There are many features any basicCMMS systemshould be able to handle; hence it's important for systems to also handle more complex tasks. Some of these include:

1. Recording, tracking, and predicting work tasks and project activities.
2. Maintaining work history and inventories
3. Optimizing work management planning activities
4. Optimizing Asset and Equipment Utilization levels
5. Tracking of compliance regulations such as safety and energy laws.
6. Easy to use and minimum training or upstart costs.
7. Scalable, to handle your organizational growth and changes.
8. Secure, to help safeguard organization data.
9. Interoperable, easy to integrate with your current systems

Maintenance managementsoftware helps to promote the health of any organization's asset and operations processes, evaluates the risk of possible attacks and provides a way to address them even before they pose a threat.


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