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Versatility of CMMS Products

No matter the needs of your plant, any business can appreciate the versatility of CMMS products. If your business requires preventative asset management for equipment, building costs, payroll and inventory tracking, then you need to keep a record of the values and costs of your assets. Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, CMMS, include a wide range of products that run regular system checks on your various assets and equipment to ensure good production quality.

If you run an enterprise level business, then an EAM system, Enterprise Asset Management, allows you to get the most of your plant assets to boost your profits while cutting your overhead costs. Like all CMMS products, EAM tracks the costs and values of your assets in real time for regular reporting capabilities. The extra benefits of this type of CMMS system is in the reduced downtime for any size plant, which is an irreplaceable tool.

Online CMMS products offer several options of cost effectiveness. There are web-versions of CMMS that allow businesses to rent the system on a month-to-month basis, keeping costs low and removing the need to take up room on the server for a downloaded program. This option is a great way to test the effectiveness of CMMS products for a business before signing into a contract agreement.

There are CMMS products that can be customized to work for one plant's specifications, needs and criteria. This product can be offered in a web setting or as a software system that will be loaded onto the company's servers. It allows for a selection of customizable features to be set up to report on the exact assets and tracking requirements of one specific business. Some of these added features include:

PDA-based Work Orders and Inspections
Executive Maintenance Information Manager
Network-based Work Request and Status
Work Order Time Entry

Web-based Work Request and Status No matter what CMMS products that a business implements, the tools for cost evaluation and equipment maintenance will benefit any business.


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