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What is Monitored With CMMS Maintenance

There are several different CMMS maintenance programs on the market, both online and in software you can download to your server for use. Depending on the type of business you run, you'll require specific reporting options as well as manual capabilities for your staff to implement as needed. Keeping this in mind, the purpose of CMMS maintenance programs is to provide a preventative maintenance traceable reporting system that will monitor the following criteria for your business:

Work Orders
Your work order system tracks your current and pending jobs, personnel options, materials and costs. To prevent excessive costs, your CMMS system will track any problems, their causes, the subsequent downtime and will recommend what actions need to be taken to eradicate the problem and improve functionality.

Inventory Control
In order to ensure timely production, awareness of your current inventory is crucial. Your CMMS maintenance system will allow for real-time reporting on your inventory including spare tools and materials. Shipping and receiving is also tracked under this functionality.

Asset management
Asset depreciation can have a significant effect on net business value. By using your CMMS maintenance system to keep detailed records about your company assets, you can be sure to reap the benefits of the depreciation come tax time, while avoiding potential service complications. Track your warranties, the service contracts and history as well as the expected lifetime of your equipment, your business will be able to stay at top production and manage costs effectively.

Safety concerns surround any business that relies on heavy equipment and staff to run it. Accidents can happen due to faulty or aging machinery, or misuse of the machines, among other things. Keep your equipment and staff safe from accidents by monitoring your equipment regularly. Your CMMS maintenance system can supply a report at any time for any equipment performance issues so you can address the issue before an accident happens.


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