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What is the Real Cost of Free CMMS Software

When evaluating CMMS software, understanding the total cost of ownership is essential. A successful implementation does not hinge solely on the price of the CMMS software because without proper support and training, your CMMS implementation is more likely to fail. Professional vendors offering CMMS software are committed to your successful CMMS implementation and as such, we encourage you to consider the total cost of ownership involved in any CMMS software, starting with the decision to invest in software or Software as a Service (SaaS).

To evaluate whether the Software as a Service (SaaS) model is a good fit for your organization, you can think of SaaS as a rental agreement wherein you access the application remotely, typically via the internet, and the provider hosts the application, assuming responsibility for secure servers that it owns, operates and maintains. As a subscriber, you generally pay a per-user fee on a monthly or annual basis. That fee covers the secure hosting services, maintenance of the application, system updates and upgrades and usually includes unlimited technical support. When looking at "free" CMMS, it's critical to clarify what exactly is included, because free CMMS software without the related secure hosting, maintenance and technical support can quickly become very expensive.

When considering the SaaS model, compare it to conventional or premises-based software that is purchased, installed, administered and supported internally on your own network. With a traditional CMMS software solution, you purchase the software licenses rather than subscribing to the application. As a result you must provide all of the IT support required to maintain and support the servers and any work stations which house the application, as well as install bug fixes, updates and upgrades for the application. In addition to the upfront software licensing costs, you typically must still purchase an annual support and maintenance contract from the CMMS vendor.

With a SaaS model there is no hardware to purchase, install or maintain and since there is no software installation required, maintenance personnel can get started using the system immediately - implementation and deployment is fast. It's often said that time is money - the faster your CMMS is up and running, the more money you are likely to save. When evaluating "free" CMMS software offers, be sure to question exactly what is included in the subscription as often times the hosting fees are a hidden cost not included in the monthly or annual subscription fee.

Other benefits of a SaaS CMMS software solution include simple, low cost implementation for multiple locations, no capital outlay, no software support fees, the ability to access the system anytime, anywhere and no long-term commitment - if the solution no longer meets your needs you can simply cancel and switch to a different CMMS solution. Further, the access to comprehensive security with full back-up, disaster recovery and support services must be considered - is your IT department ready, willing and able to meet the challenge? Suddenly, the total cost of ownership for a CMMS solution becomes much more than the cost of just software. That's why offers of free CMMS software should be taken with a grain of salt - CMMS software is just part of the cost. It's essential to fully understand not just the benefits of the SaaS model but the total cost of ownership. Does the "free" CMMS software include support? Without proper support and training, your CMMS implementation is likely to fail, so beware of free CMMS offers which then charge extra for support to answer questions about the system.

eMaint is committed to the successful CMMS implementations of its customers, with CMMS solutions starting as low as $40.00 a month per user. Hosting fees, daily data backups and product support (phone, email and chat) are included in the low monthly subscription fee. Do your due diligence and explore the total cost of ownership for any of them you may be evaluating as there are some very real costs associated with "free" CMMS software.


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