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Why Should You Consider A Web-Based CMMS

One selects a CMMS based on notable features such as flexibility, prioritizing, tracking and reporting. However, recently companies have been faced with an even bigger decision; whether to implement a locally hosted or on-demand web-based CMMS. Both are used by organizations worldwide in many different industries, but an externally hosted system has several key benefits you may want to consider.

The top thing on most buyer's minds is cost. Web-based systems can save money up front because companies purchase a subscription rather than a software package. An on-premise system requires a costly license fee that is not needed for an externally hosted, web-based CMMS. An externally hosted system also requires little commitment from IT and will not need any internal servers. One note-worthy reason that a web-based system can save money is due to the dynamic nature of the software. Organizations will never have to worry about replacing obsolete or old technology because those services are handled by the provider.

Another benefit of web-based maintenance program software is the ability to centralize and standardize data. A highlight of a hosted system is the capacity to access data from any device that utilizes a browser. This allows employees to enter the system from a remote laptop or smart phone and check on work order status. In addition, each individual will see the exact same information because all data is centralized in one location.

Security is of the utmost importance for many companies who have large amounts of confidential data. A web-based CMMS can help reduce the risk by using high security data centers, managed by the system provider. Instead of a collection of hand-written documents, USB drives and digital files, all sensitive information is kept on one secure database that utilizes access controls and data encryption. The administrator of the account will determine, based on role, what aspects of the system each user can utilize.

There is no denying that web-based CMMS maintenance software requires less maintaining on the user side, considering the provider hosts the entire system and periodically updates and backs up the software. The maintenance department will also be able to rely less on IT who have many other priorities to juggle in addition to a CMMS. The major benefit is avoiding the headache of monitoring the internal servers and dealing with security issues. Every organization must determine which method would be right for them based on size and available resources.


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