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Give Your Finance Department the CMMS Edge

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) is a tool that can dramatically assist maintenance and engineering management teams in the day to day activities of their departments and facilities. CMMS is a powerful tool that can help in activities such as scheduling, monitoring, budgeting and preparing lifecycle analysis for your plant and equipment and can actually save a great amount of time and money for your facility. It can also be a huge win, for your finance department, since it can help monitor, maximize, and maintain valuable asset and facilities infrastructure.

An optimized CMMS tool can empower your finance department with ways and means of ensuring the most efficient use of expenses and the highest return on assets. Costs and efficiencies are streamlined by using an effective CMMS for optimum scheduling, and allocation of resources for PM routines, predictive maintenance work orders, and repairs or refurbs on equipment or infrastructure. The CMMS can also effectively manage the allocation of spare parts and critical tooling.

A high level or return is achieved when production asset utilization levels are maximized, along with high quality output; therefore, managing assets is another important element that a CMMS system can handle efficiently. It provides updates on property and equipment along with alerting you about renewal dates for service contracts, etc. CMMS can also help manage data by standardizing data entries and collection methods, which will further enhance efficiency. With the right maintenance management software for your finance department, you can be assured of being up to date about all your equipment and facilities, since your maintenance management solution will ensure periodic inspections of all facilities, including equipment.

The CMMS tool greatly assists managerial level personnel in delegating and tracking the status of any maintenance work on assets and tracking all associated costs. Managers may use the tool to communicate their operational requirements and can help achieve key performance indicators (KPI) metrics. With numerous benefits that include enhancement of maintenance productivity, quality of machine output, reduction in down times and enhanced service to other departments, CMMS tools can be a definite advantage for any plant or facility, and the CFO's office as well.


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