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How an EAMCMMS Can Beat Summer Property Management Problems

Searing heat and violent summer storms can easily force property management to replace assets that are not properly maintained. The secret to minimizing damage

during the summer months is the early identification of potential problems before they become capital repairs and to fix them. An EAM/CMMS is a software tool

that can help property management maintenance crews quickly determine the damage that is occurring as well as identify potential issues. This is accomplished

through the inspection of all property assets and subsequently scheduling preventive maintenance and/or repairs on any asset showing signs of wear and tear.

The benefits of an EAM/CMMS system do not end with inspections or preventive maintenance. Installing an EAM/CMMS enables

property managers to build a data base of work orders and results so that the history of an entire facilities assets can be reviewed to identify problem assets

as well as schedule the appropriate frequency of inspections to minimize repair costs. The best part about the collection of historical maintenance records

is that the information can be used to better manage the entire lifecycle of property assets as well as provide a training base for maintenance staff. For example:

A CMMS will record vendor data such as contract information, terms, escalation procedures, standard call hours and cost of a service call. An EAM/CMMS

can help schedule vendor preventive maintenance and work order visits with out the need to fumble through file cabinets to find

telephone numbers or contacts for HVAC, Roofer, pool services or cleaning contractors.

The collection of work order information which includes identifying the fix or the work that was done on all maintenance activity. This is a great tool that can

reduce the dependency on any particular maintenance team member. Knowledge transfer

with an EAM was never easier and property management has a tool to help train new maintenance staff.

with an EAM">Capital budgeting with an EAM is far more accurate as management reports identify assets that are being repaired too often or are nearing the

point where it may make better sense to replace than fix.

Assets that are properly maintained with timely inspections and preventive maintenance last longer and operate more efficiently reducing the frequency of

repairs both major and minor.

With proper EAM/CMMS implementation, property managers will know where there assets are at all times, their condition, their maintenance history and expected retirement /replacement. No more guess work or surprises.

The summer is here, are you ready, can you handle the heat?


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