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How to Select the Right CMMS Software

For the uninitiated, a computerized maintenance management system, frequently shortened to CMMS, works with your company to create a constantly updating database that contains all the data you would need to keep track of your business's maintenance necessities. What this incredibly useful software can offer you is the ability to control and keep track of both extra mechanical inventory and the crucial maintenance needs of your important machinery.

If you're looking to install a computerized maintenance management system, you have two different ways of going about it. One method is to install the program over a network, and the other option allows you to work through the internet. We'll quickly look into the various aspects of each mode of implementing a computerized maintenance management system in your company, followed by a more in-depth analysis of why a web-based installation may be the more effective choice.

The network (or desktop, occasionally) installation of a computerized maintenance management system is called such a thing because of the way that the entire implementation of your software is self-contained on servers owned by your business. Particularly for larger companies with buildings and staff throughout the nation, the servers that have the computerized maintenance management system installed on them can be found wherever the headquarters for the corporation are located, and they will be managed by the corporation's in-house IT department.

The big downside to this sort of installation method is that you are saddled immediately with a significantly expensive startup cost. The main reason for such high costs is that since the software will be loaded onto your servers, you will need to also purchase those servers in order to get off the ground. Additionally, you are left in the lurch in what could probably be a very common situation: if you or one of your employees are ever away from the office, you will not be able to access your local intranet, which makes it impossible to use your CMMS at all.

The better option, perhaps, would be to have your company's CMMS installed on a more centrally-located server on the internet. You are able to cut most of the starting (and recurring) costs of getting your own server network up and running in exchange for paying some other group to handle all the hardware and hosting responsibilities. You will also be glad to discover that when you have web-based computerized maintenance work management systems for your company, you are able to use the important database software all over the world. The only requirement to get into the system is internet access, and there are few places today that lack that resource. By allowing the third party who hosts your software to remain in charge of the general upkeep of the hosting hardware, you are saving that much more money, time, and effort. If the servers fail (and what server doesn't in the end?), the task and cost of replacing them and having a staff of IT professionals repair the installation falls to the third party you've hired. It is important to know what is cmms.

This is why choosing a remotely hosted CMMS solution works out best for you: you get all the benefits (portability, low-cost) with none of the problems.


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