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Mobile Functionality in a CMMS Strategy

A CMMS, or Computerized Maintenance Management System, is software that helps organizations automate and streamline the management and maintenance of their assets, equipment, and physical plant. The software also optimizes processes, compliance, cost reduction and management reporting. The maintenance of assets, equipment and property is necessary for an organization to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs, or more importantly, lost production or services, caused by unexpected breakdowns.

Better Controlled Processes with a CMMS

In addition to preventing breakdowns, a CMMS provides a wide range of functionalities. It provides work order management capabilities and organizes and automates work schedules, per criteria such as resource availability, equipment type, or equipment location. It provides MRO inventory management functionality. A CMMS can scale from automating project management processes to the streamlining of calibration tasks. And the system should provide accessibility to key documents and distribute real-time information by email, SMS or via internet protocols.

Mobile Workforce

Engineers and technicians responsible for the maintenance of assets are always on the move and require a system that can help them monitor critical KPIs, as well as fulfill maintenance management organizational objectives. Mobile-enabled CMMS solutions can help mobile workforce technicians and engineers access and input data to the central enterprise CMMS or Enterprise Asset Management application. Parts and tools can be quickly moved from location to location, depending on CMMS scheduling directives, or, any needed supplies can be efficiently issued to mechanics to fulfill repair or maintenance work order requirements. These mobile devices can also facilitate staff to staff communications via SMS or email.

Some Benefits

Easy to Monitor Assets These pocket sized handheld devices help engineers to collect data, such as temperature and pressure levels. It can assist with inspections, record accurate results at each particular time and send real-time information to the central database.

Efficient Work Order Management With a mobile device, the use of paper for allocating work or updating orders has been completely eliminated. Passing instructions through these devices is made feasible for managers. They can record the time taken to perform each task and the amount of work accomplished. They can also inspect and then approve the closure of work orders.

Inventory and Stock Management Engineers can check stock and allocate it respectively from any remote location without moving from their present location. The bar codes record the movements of stock, such as the numbers returned or withdrawn, etc.

A good CMMS solution concentrates on every aspect of the entire asset lifecycle. With mobile and web-enabled functionality, a much higher level of productivity and process flexibility can be achieved to track assets, optimize work management and speed information reporting and KPI statuses


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